JDM 305 has throughout the years evolved from a small business to one of the largest suppliers of used Japanese car engines, transmissions, and accessories across the continental United States and overseas countries.

We are dedicated in providing top quality, performance JDM products to the general public. Our goal is not only to provide outstanding JDM products, but to also show commitment to our valued customers as well as to perspective customers.

Nothing is more important to us than our customer satisfaction. We strive to provide exceptional, quality JDM products, as well as exceptional customer service


JDM 305 brings in low mileage motors, as a rule in the vicinity of 45 and 60k mile

30 or 90 days Warranty

30 days warranty for VTEC, turbo, VVTI engines and 90 days warranty for all non-performance JDM engines.

100+ JDM engines

JDM engine importer, has over 100+ JDM engines in stock.